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All-Star Madness main goal is to provide a platform to recognize and showcase the best high school and middle school players  throughout underexposed regions in Georgia and provide relevant exposure that will assist them and with recruiting and other opportunities to showcase their athletic abilities.  Our scouting team will be in attendance and additional scouting outlets, media, and college colleges will be invited.  

All-Star Madness will consist of  both boys and girls games for the top players in the areas that have been selected.  For the High School events, there will be a Senior Showcase Game, Jamming Junior Game, and the "Up Next" Underclassmen Game (10th & 9th Graders) in our high school event. 

The Middle School event includes the Rising Stars Game (8th graders) and Future Stars Game (6th & 7th graders).  The Elementary School event will feature our Future Phenoms 5th Grade Game.  Participants selected have been scouted, nominated, or were standouts during their season.  These athletes will be recognized for their outsta
nding play.

There is no cost to participate in All-Star Madness if you were selected.  You can purchase All-Star Madness t-shirts for $15.  General admission for All-Star Madness is $10, K-8 is $5.  All-Star Madness will consist of a fun day of basketball for our host communities.  There will be a 3--Point Shootout, Slam Dunk Contest, halftime entertainment, giveaways, and much more.  

South Central Georgia All-Star Madness MVPS

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South Central Georgia All-Star Madness MVPS

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Central South Georgia All-Star Madness MVPS

North Southwest GA All-Star Madness MVPS

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