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About Us

What Is College Hoops Connect?


College Hoops Connect of Atlanta

Welcome to College Hoops Connect, Inc.!  We are a certified NCAA Scouting and Recruiting Service that is here to help connect, cultivate, and create opportunities for student-athletes to play in front of college coaches.  We provide personalize recruiting assistance, and we offer scouting, evaluations, exposure camps, and player development!

Our staff of certified recruiting specialist (CRS) consist of former college coaches and experienced recruiters. We have CRS located throughout the Southeast region, Midwest, Dallas and Houston area.

Our list of contacts for college coaches extends throughout the country. We work with coaches from NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, NCCAA, NJCAA, and Post Graduate.  Our coaching experiences provide us with a unique understanding of what college coaches are looking for and in return, we are able to help our clients with finding the right fit.


Areas of Expertise

  • Exposure (Direct Contact)

  • Advice/Mentorship (Transparency)

  • Professional Evaluations

  • Campus Visits

  • Recruiting Assistance

  • Exposure Camps

  • Jumpstart Recruitment

  • Identify the Best Fit

  • Social Media Presence

  • Scouting Services

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