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Coastal Mississippi's Cream of the Crop Camp Top Girl Performers

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Michael Young: Regional Evaluator for Connect Hoops Report

Saniah Price C/O 2023 Gulfport High School/Gulfport, MS

Small guard that packs a big punch. Fluid in her handle against any defense and very poised. Made the right plays all day and her mid range game is solid.

Maddie Caldwell C/O 2025 Jackson Prep/Jackson,MS

This guard locked up full court all day. She played defense each game like nothing else mattered. Getting downhill and getting to her spot was easy and she shot the mid range ok. Maddie held every player on her time accountable on both sides of the ball and she is just a Sophomore.

Jacee Ellis C/O 2026 Oak Hill Academy/West Point, MS

This Freshman can shoot the ball with the best of them in the state of Mississippi. She was poised, took great shots and the way she used picks to get open reminded me of Rip Hamilton. She was a way to go on the defensive side, but she hustled no matter what while she was on the floor.

Rihanna Anderson C/O 2025 Harrison Central High School/Gulfport, MS

This young lady knows the meaning of hard work. She was a rebounding machine that kept the ball high and went right back up. She was fouled numerous times which led to a lot of And 1's. At her size she has a good handle and can shoot the mid range with good accuracy. She will be a force in Mississippi for the next few years.

Jolie Kate Cox C/O 2026 Amory High School/Amory, MS

She is a load on the block. Her footwork was amazing on both blocks and she finished well with either hand. She showed her face up game and a decent mid range shot. She grabbed rebounds and made sure to turn the opposite side and make the correct outlet pass to the guard. Mississippi got to deal with her for 4 years.

Ayana Hannah C/O 2024 Philadelphia High School/Philadelphia, MS

This guard shot the ball at a high clip all day. She couldn't be left alone because it was money. She handles defensive pressure well and knows how to use all types of screens. Still found a way to either get her a shot or set up a teammate for some easy slips and back doors.

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